Compost devices, food residues (including human and animal waste) fleshed bones, starch, coffee, fish residues, dirty baby cloth, grass residues, sawdust, cut grass, leaves, pet waste, oily wastes, etc., as well as most organic waste cows, horses, pigs, chickens, sheep, rabbit manure and septic tanks and waste water treatment plants turn mud into compost.

Compost machines are fully automatic. It can perform composting operations between 75-1200 kg/week.

Capacity kg/weekNumber Of HouseholdsLengthWidthHeight
75-100 kg25-35 200 cm89 cm152 cm
150-250 kg55-70232 cm108 cm155 cm
225-325 kg70-90283 cm108 cm155 cm
300-500 kg90-135382 cm108 cm155 cm
400-1200 kg135-300480 cm140 cm207 cm


Developing technology provides convenience to people in different areas, and the compost machine is one of them. As the name implies, these machines that make compost are very advantageous. Both the benefits of compost and the materials used for compost do not go to empty space is a very serious advantage. Before giving detailed information about these machines, it is necessary to understand exactly what the compost is. Thus, the role of machines will be realized much more easily.

Compost is a natural fertilizer and is obtained from completely organic products. These fertilizers, which are formed by the decomposition of organic wastes under certain conditions, are very important in terms of the richness of the soil. Farmers or flower-growing people, when they use these fertilizers will yield more. This type of fertilizer, which is natural, allows the soil to be richer and more water can be kept and processed. These gains are achieved through organic waste from kitchens and similar places. Therefore, there is a double-sided win.

The compost, which is made much faster thanks to the compost machine, is basically composed of two different materials. The first of these are green materials and nitrogen rich, among the basic properties. Another is Brown Material, which is very rich in carbon. Therefore, a very valuable and rich fertilizer emerges.

When preparing compost, it is very important to use the above mentioned materials at a certain rate. In particular, the use of nitrogen rich green plants 1/3 (one-third) and the remaining part of the brown materials filling, quality fertilizer is very important to obtain.

Green materials;

  • Vegetable-fruit shells and residues
  • Fresh herbs
  • Tea waste
  • Green leaves
  • Egg shells

Brown materials;

  • Leaves
  • Tree shells
  • Hazelnut-walnut shell
  • Chip
  • Dry leaves
  • Straw

The materials to be placed in the compost are generally in this form. However, there is another important point to know about this issue. The materials that will not be placed in the compost should be fully known and they should not be added to the compost machine. These materials are;

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Cat - Dog faeces
  • Greasy food residues
  • Paper Handling
  • Diaper
  • Hygienic buffer
  • Herbs with seeds
  • Coffee and tea bags
  • Lemon, orange, grapefruit and similar fruits acidic
  • Plastics
  • Considering these issues, the compost obtained will be extremely high quality and thus the desired effect will be provided. When the necessary care is not taken, the labor will go to waste and even if fertilizer is obtained, it will not meet the expectations because it is not rich in content. Therefore, people should take great care of this issue and act accordingly. The compost device should be used according to the above points.

    Home Type Compost Machine

    There are different devices that will meet the needs of those who want to produce compost. As the technology develops, the development of the related devices is in question, so people are getting the opportunity to use much higher quality machines. The compost making machine is produced in different types according to the needs of the people. There are also home appliances that people can use to evaluate the wastes in their homes and increase the yield in their horticulture, so that people do not consume their wastes unnecessarily and get fertilizer.

    There are different companies that produce these extremely useful machines, and Vertisa is one of them. The compost device ensures that wastes turn into fertilizer in a much shorter time. As it is known, natural wastes, bacteria and other living things that are put into the nature, destroy these wastes very soon. In fact, these wastes are not destroyed, they are mixed with soil by bacteria. This is exactly what the composting machine does.

    However, the machines ensure that this process is as short as possible by adjusting the required ambient conditions. Temperature, humidity, light and other environmental factors are adjusted for the organic waste to be a fertilizer, thus resulting in very short periods of time. Depending on the characteristics of the domestic composting machine, the fertilizer is transferred to a different reservoir and people can easily take it from there to the gardens or to a different point they want.

    In addition, although the duration of fertilizer formation is generally several days, many elements affect this period. Therefore, occasional late fertilizer occurrences may be the case.

    Compost Machine For Sale

    The more benefits provided by the compost device, the more people are searching for these devices. Some people prefer to buy zero devices, while some people prefer second-hand devices. Therefore, these devices that have been used before but are no longer needed are equally interested. The price levels of composting machines can vary considerably. Sometimes a brand, sometimes a model, sometimes a different element, causes prices to change. This is also the case for the products for sale.

    For example, although the prices of second-hand devices are much more affordable, the devices with zero are much more expensive. In addition, the fees for these devices vary according to their capacity. Those who want to reach compost machines for sale faster can contact Vertisa, one of the leading companies in this area. As a brand, Vertisa is a well-known company that draws attention with its quality machines. Otherwise, those who want to buy products, they can evaluate ads posted on the internet. Especially secondhand ads have a lot of space in this area and people can buy a more convenient frieze on the internet. In addition, those who want to sell the machines they do not use can also sell their products on the internet and then sell their products according to the offers.

    Garden Type Compost Machine

    The facilities provided by the compost device cause these devices to be used effectively in the gardens as well as in the houses. Depending on the use of the gardens, the number of organic wastes obtained here is considerable. Especially people like to see one of these machines in their garden because the leaves and the like can be turned into fertilizer with the help of the related devices. The dimensions of the garden-type machines can be slightly larger than those of the home type. The reason is that these devices do not have such a problem in the gardens when it is necessary to occupy as little space as possible in the houses. As a result, the devices in the gardens are generally a bit larger.

    The prices of composting machine are also slightly increased accordingly. However, due to the high capacity, a significant portion of people do not care about this difference. The working systems of garden type devices are similar.

    However, since the gardens in the gardens are slightly different from each other, some brands have arranged the devices in this direction. Thus, the yield obtained is much higher. Especially, it is one of the most important features to be able to be produced in a fast manner and quality despite of this speed. This is the general information about composting equipment and it’s use is increasing day by day. Even in recent times, municipalities have had very specific work in this area and the public is indirectly encouraged in this respect.